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Posted by Bethania Camilo on 8/22/2016

Todayís blog is a little off the beaten path from our typical stories sharing industry advice or local news, but very important nonetheless.† Those of you who know our team here at Coco, Early & Associates know that we value giving back to the communities in which we serve very seriously.† Not only is it something we think about Ė itís something we actively do!

This time of year, as moms and dads are reminded of the upcoming demands of school: lunches to made, buses to be caught and school shoes, backpacks and notebooks to be bought, our team at Coco, Early knows that not everyone is able to afford some of the basics that make your back to school experience complete.† We want to remind all of you that in our offices this weekend, weíre donating notebooks, backpacks, pencils and rulers to all those who stop by.† First-come, first-served until supplies last.

Weíre so excited to make some families season a little easier and so many will ask what can be done to say thank you.† The message here is simple, please just pay it forward.† In this day and age when bad news often will supersede the good, take a moment to think about how you can make someoneís day a little easier, maybe even just a kind word or gesture.† Maybe itís a cup of coffee.† Maybe itís watering their lawn.† No matter the act, just donít think twice about it.† Be kind and pay it forwardÖeach and every day!† At Coco, Early & Associates, itís just what we do.


Posted by Bethania Camilo on 8/4/2016

With the sun shining and the lazy days of summer upon us (and sadly nearing all too quickly), the thoughts of being able to pop into your own vacation home anytime you like is VERY appealing, right?† While the market may seem just about right for you to take the plunge, there are just five things to consider before you jump in to that decision.

  1. Get pre-approved.† It sure seems obvious, but this is just a gentle reminder.† It would be horrible to find that perfect home and still have to go through all the paperwork to make a final deal.
  2. Find the perfect location.†While the secluded beach and waves are perfect for you, if you intend to rent out the property make sure the area is appealing to a majority of people.† Know the culture of the area, the community and what the area offers for amenities.
  3. Once you find it, stay there for a few weeks and see if you still love it.†Itís one thing to enjoy a special place for one week at a time, but whatís your feeling when youíre there for two or three weeks, even a month?† Find a rental property in the area before making your final decision and make sure it is a home and an area where youíd like to stay for an extended period of time.
  4. Know your budget.†Thereís nothing worse than finding a home where you love and suddenly getting in over your head.† The point is to find a home where you can relax and enjoy.† If you start in over your head, youíll never enjoy your peace and quiet time there.
  5. Avoid on the spot decisions.†Even if you think you have found love at first sight, at least sleep on it for one night.† Donít jump too quick.† Make sure you have those same feelings in the morning too.† If so, go for it!

Throughout this entire process, having a reliable and educated real estate agent by your side can ensure you find your vacation home within your budget, in the perfect location and give you the peace of mind of to enjoy it for many years to come!

To see many options for your home, second home and vacation homes, visitwww.cocoearly.comtoday!


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Posted by Bethania Camilo on 6/6/2016

This time of year as the flowers are blooming and the grasses are greener, thereís often a little birdie whispering in our earÖĒItís time for a change!Ē

Now, that change could apply to any number of things.† Maybe itís a minor change such as a new haircut.† Maybe itís a bigger change like a new car.† Or, maybe, just maybe itís a new color to be painted on your walls at home or the exterior of your home!† How exciting, right?

Not so fast ó you want to make sure it is the right color for you!† While many people truly believe in color matching and color families, some just donít!† First and foremost, you have to love it.† Youíre living with it every day.† Reality is though Ė itís paintÖyou can change it!

Itís often said that when selling your home, try to be sure you have a fresh coat of paint on the walls.† Make sure they are neutral to appeal to all parties.† This is very true as many people cannot look past the paint color (even though it is just paint!). In fact, every year Pantone, a corporation best known for itsPantone Matching System(PMS), along with many other paint manufacturers identify their Colors of the Year!† This year, they were a rose quartz and a serenity blue, which obviously are not neutral.† Benjamin Moore, another renowned manufacturer, alternatively deemed their Color of the Year Simply White.

As you can see, color really is personal preference.† Colors can effect your mood and depict your style.† All that matters is that is right for you!

(Note: If youíre interested in learning more about colors please reference here:Pantone Color of the YearandBenjamin Moore Color of the Year).

Posted by Bethania Camilo on 5/2/2016

Once again, itís the time of year that weíre reminded how lucky we are to live in the area we do.† With beaches, mountains and the city all within an hourís drive, itís time to get out and really enjoy it!†† What better way to do that than to sample some of the amazing restaurants in the Merrimack Valley?

Click here to see a list, by town, of some of the areaís finest dining optionsas outlined by the Merrimack Valley Economic Development Council.

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Posted by Bethania Camilo on 4/25/2016

Just a small company with big dreams, taking the family approach with every step we take. People come first in our company,†
helping forge the American Dream for so many, and doing it all ourselves! Our ideas, our emotions, our success! In some cases we out sold our franchise friends†2-1† in the first quarter of 2016...

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